Tips for Charity Shop Stalking

Is it worth it? Let me work it!

Charity shop treasure  

Charity shop treasure  

We've all been that someone coveting something in the window of a charity shop. If you've read the blog post on Charity Shop Pursuits you'll know its a serious game. Here's a few tips of how to get that gem.

  1. Sale date. 
    Firstly, find out when it goes on sale. Charity shops usually leave their  windows on display for up to two weeks. Inquire within and save the date.
  2. Is it the genuine article?
    Ask a member of staff if you can have a closer inspection. Some shops aren't too happy to let you have a proper look. If they do let you, take the opportunity to have a good look at the item and maybe take some pictures on the sly.  Check the seams, crests, tags, and compare to similar items online. Nothing worse than waking up early to que for a fake!
  3. Wake up early!!
    Wake up earlier than you think, even if it's incredibly embarrassing and desperate. Evaluate how that extra hour in bed is going to feel versus the feeling of that bag on your shoulder, that watch on your wrist or that scarf around your neck. Prepare to que outside the shop a couple of hours early.
  4. Eye on the prize.
    If you don't wake up early enough and someone happens to be there first, ask them if you're both queuing for the same thing. If they are, you have two choices; admit defeat, leave and take back that extra hour in bed. Or, hang on to the bitter end, telepathically tell her that she needs to pee, and hope that some other gems lie inside the store.
  5. Laying it down.
    If you're first in the que, hooray! You're en route to getting what you want. Before you lay the money down, double check if its the same item, if you're still in love with it and if you're happy to part with the money. Then, prepare a hefty Facebook status and brag about you're latest achievement! 
  6. Plan B.
    If you don't make it inside the shop first, try cheekily offering the one who did  a few quid over the asking price.  It's worth a shot. Also, have a good look around the shopand at other items in the window. People behind you in the que might be there for something entirely different and you could be passing up on a gem!

Happy Hunting!


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