Getting Fab

The night we got fabulous

January Russell Winters  and Jenny Drea at 'Getting Fabulous '

January Russell Winters  and Jenny Drea at 'Getting Fabulous '

'Getting Fab' was a night created by our dear friend, Tino. It's an opportunity to dress sensationally overly fabulous. Its about decking yourself head to toe in flashy gold jewels and most importantly, having the Sa$$ to pull it off. It's 'more a way of life than a dress code' .

We began the night in a sixteen seater stretch Hummer, which kept us entertained with bottles of bubbly and roaring tunes. Between the high heels, big hoops, slick braids and glossy red lips - us and our friends attitudes hit the roof! We mistook ourselves for Christina Aguilera circa her glam trash days which led to a lot of Ashanti and Lil Kim being played. A themed night out like this of course runs the risk of being mistaken for a hen party - but it was a risk we were more than willing to take. 

Moschino suit and Gold shades  

Moschino suit and Gold shades  

I picked up an amazing Moschino suit from a charity shop (you can read that blog post here). A black lace bandeau from Urban Outfitters. Gold pineapple necklace from Pennys. 

 I went for the slicked back hair in a low pony. I used 'Sebastian reshape' hairspray. A flick of some Rimmel eyeliner for a good cat-eye and 'Morange' lippy from Mac and I was good to go. 

Getting fabulous is always a great idea. Between the visors, shades, limo and booze, you and your mates will have every necessary asset to be the next best girlband, excluding the musical talent. The only advice Id have to you on themed night out is don't hold back and go for gold! 


Stay Gold


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